Visiting Friends in Robinson, TX

We left our friends Chris and Danielle this morning.

Our hearts hurt a bit because it’ll be a long time until we see them again. But our hearts are  full, thankful for the love and hospitality we were shown and for the gift of time spent with such good people. The beauty of the countryside has seeped into our veins. Fireflies. Open fields with horses and cattle grazing. Chickens. A vegetable garden.


Something about all of that really called out to us this past week.

We miss it already.

Home sweet home

Farm things


Eli loved the garden

The ladies

Miss Dani

Eli made a friend

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One thought on “Visiting Friends in Robinson, TX

  1. Kathy

    LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! The posting is beautiful!!!!! Erik needs to write a book!!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie takes amazing pics. This is what God has meant to be for husbands & wifes to compliment each other. And they do! Can’t wait to see more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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