And so it begins

What will it mean 10 years from now that we are taking this step? Will it be anything to speak of, a catalyst or turning point in our young family’s experience, or just another pleasant memory? I think we’ll be stepping out the door and putting our feet to the pedal with no answers in our mind. We should know better than to expect answers from the road itself, but the road nonetheless is where we will be from this point on.
We leave as equipped as we can be, with the tools and provisions necessary to weather the obvious and the grace of God to endure the obscure that lies hidden ahead. We’ve sat and organized, packed and planned, but at a point we’ve had to stand up and dust off, let the current carry us from here. Our son, we hope, will, himself, carry some imprint of this experience on his spirit through his years.
We’ve been biding our time until departure. Wednesday morning with the sunrise we head east.

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6 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Jarvis

    So Excited for your family!!! Love & Blessings

    • Thanks Jarve! can’t wait to see you and Monica! Are you still in Seattle? or did you guys move to D.C. yet?

      • Jarvis

        Sent you an email with our updated contact info 🙂

  2. If you end up near Souderton, Pennsylvania, please know you have a place to stay! We would be happy to have you in our home.

  3. Thanks, Ben, what a generous offer! We’ll be in touch with you along the way!

  4. Just signed up to follow the blog!! So excited for your adventure!!

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